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For 75 years Redburn Tire Company has provided the complete support needed to ensure our customer's success in tire maintenance and management.  As one of the Southwest's largest commercial tire dealers, Redburn Tire offers top quality new products, retreading and service. Our team is made up of experienced, trained sales people and service technicians who are all specialists in tire applications and maintenance, providing complete tire management.

Computer truck and off-the-road tire tracking programs are an important part of our tire programs. Our fleet survey and tire out of service analysis help you make productive bottom line decisions. We can help find the best type and brand of tire, control inventory and tire usage and design the best working tire program to fit you needs.

Of course, your off-the -road tires can be managed just as efficiently with our tire management programs as line-haul trucking fleets and local P&D fleets.  Specialized surveys can be performed on an on going basis that will give you the necessary information needed to monitor tire cost and performance.