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Our dedicated service team will take care of your needs with a level of professionalism seldom found in the tire industry! For more than 75 years Redburn Tire Company has offered only the best in service.  Performance tuning, minor or major repairs, and routine maintenance are only a few of the services we offer. And, yes, we work on competitive brands.

24 Hour Road Service

We have more than 100 radio dispatched service units available covering a large area of the Southwest. Service rates and extent of coverage differs at each location. Be sure to contact the nearest Redburn Tire Co. for more information.

Mounted Wheel Programs

Our Mounted Wheel programs have been designed to work with or without our in house Tread Depth Analysis. We can customize a program that will fit your needs and the standards that you establish. These types of programs are designed to help reduce tire service and operational costs, while monitoring and reporting on the fleets conditional needs and requirements.

Fleet Standards Inspection

This is a great tool to restart an existing standards program as well as establishing new ones. You tell us what your fleet standards are in tire air presure and operating tread depths. We will bring in a team to adjust the fleet wheel positions to those standards. Once this is achived you can arrange for a regular Scheduled Fleet Service. This program is recommended when starting the Tread Depth Analysis and other tire performance tracking programs.

Scheduled Fleet Service

Our Scheduled Fleet Service programs are designed to find ways of reducing your service needs. From 10 units to 1000 we can find ways to service your fleet and still achive reduced service and tire costs in a short period of time. Our sales and service team can help plan your fleet needs and set obtainable goals to reduce your cost.

We have a lot more to offer than just hit and run service. When you consider our great service and quality products combined with our proven tire monitoring systems you reduce tire cost. Contact the nearest Redburn Tire Co. location to learn more about these and all our cost savings programs.

Other Services

  • 24 Hour Road Service with Over 100 Radio Dispatched Trucks
  • Fleet Inspection
  • Cost-per-Mile or Cost-per-Day of Operation Reporting
  • Out of Service Tire Analysis
  • Computerized Balancing
  • Wheel Refurbishing - Complete Rim Service
  • Bandag Retreads in Light Truck, Truck and Small Off-the-Road Sizes
  • National Warranty Programs
  • Mounted Wheel Programs
  • Cap and Casing Programs
  • Performance Records
  • Tire Tracking and Needs Reporting

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